Hitline sustainable project in Finland with CO2

//Hitline sustainable project in Finland with CO2

European refrigeration standards focus primarily on the sustainability and renewability of energy sources. The choice of Scandinavian countries is most often СO2 – a natural refrigerant which is harmless to the ozone layer possessed high refrigerant capacity. Hitline has delivered refrigerating furniture working on the CO2 to the new neighborhood store in Mariehamn, Finland. Also in the nearest future the opening of a new supermarket in neighboring Sweden with Hitline refrigerating units working on this environmentally friendly refrigerant will take place.

In the trading space the frozen products are presented in “YUKON MH 200 LTO” low-temperature counters with panoramic glazing and transparent push-pull covers to customers.

For the storage and exposure of delicacies, the “SYMPHONY MG 120 DELI CONVERTIBLE” counter is installed which allows organizing the sales of products both with the help of the salesperson and in self-service mode.

Sales of various product groups are carried out using semi-vertical cabinets “LOUISIANA eco MSV 105 MTD” with sliding energy-saving doors.

All commercial refrigeration equipment is equipped with ERV and the store itself is equipped with an adaptive control and computer monitoring system.

Refrigerated counters Yukon MH 200 LTO 088-DLM-375, Yukon MH 200 LTO 088-DLM-TL, Louisiana eco MSV 105 MTD 160-DLM-375, Symphony MG 120 deli convertible 125-DBM-250, KEA-market supermarket in Finland

Frozen foods units Yukon MH 200 LTO 088-DLM-375, Yukon MH 200 LTO 088-DLM-TL, KEA-market supermarket in Finland

Refrigerated semi-vertical cabinets Louisiana eco MSV 105 MTD 200-DLM-375, KEA-market supermarket in Finland

KEA-market supermarket in Finland