“The right choice of refrigeration equipment is the key to a successful business”, – from an interview with the management of Ideal retail chain

//“The right choice of refrigeration equipment is the key to a successful business”, – from an interview with the management of Ideal retail chain

In December 2018, The Odessa’s hypermarket Ideal was opened after renovation. Managers of that commercial network told in an interview about their stores, relations with partners, and plans for the future.

– Tell us about the brand Ideal.

– Ideal is a Ukrainian company with a long history. The feature of our supermarkets is that we open stores “for people of the same kin” that have the widest range of products and a special loyalty program. Wholesale prices are valid when purchasing two and more items, which allows customers to get a discount.

– How many stores have opened today? Of what format? In what cities?

“Today, Ideal network is represented in two cities – Odessa and Kherson. It includes enterprises of several formats: two wholesale and retail trade depots, three supermarkets and one hypermarket.

– At the end of last year, you opened the Ideal hypermarket in Odessa. Why did you prefer refrigeration equipment by Hitline?

– The updated Ideal hypermarket, which had previously met high requirements, has now become even more convenient. We tried to satisfy the most demanding customers and significantly expanded the range of products. The meat department receives on the daily base a shipment of fresh meat: juicy veal, diet turkey, tender rabbit flesh. And in the fish department we tried to collect a large variety of fresh and dried sea and river fish. Naturally, all these products need to be maintained perfectly fresh. Therefore, we selected refrigerated display cases that would meet all standards, including the important fact of energy saving. The equipment produced by Hitline is a modern ergonomic design, the best technical performances, and visual appealing.

– Is this your first working experience with Hitline or you had previously collaborated?

– Yes, right, this is our first experience of cooperation. We seriously approached the issue of choosing refrigerated display cases and studied various existing offers on the market in terms of  price / quality / design / warranty . Having conducted a comprehensive analysis of these criteria, as well as of refrigeration demand, and delivery times, our company opted for Hitline’s cases.

What is important for you when choosing refrigeration equipment for your supermarkets?

The right choice of refrigeration equipment is the key to a successful business, so we, first of all, pay attention to energy-saving characteristics (today this issue is particular acute); and to convenience for the buyer and shopper. It should also be possible to change the configuration (if necessary), a low level of wearability and, of course, modern subtle design, and loyal the pricing policy.

– What attracts you to Hitline refrigeration equipment?

– The effectiveness of sales in the hypermarket depends not only on the quality and range of producs, but also on the way it is merchandised. Stereotyped equipment is left in the past; today, for each category of products an optimal type of display cases is created. Hitline offers a large selection of models of refrigeration equipment, which help retailers to sell.

– Are you satisfied with the result of cooperation? Do you plan to cooperate in the future?

– Yes, we are satisfied with the cooperation. In our ambitious plans there is a further widening, modernization and renovation of the chain. In the future we plan to open new outlets of  Ideal network and look forward to a partnership with Hitline.