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Missouri M LT

Low – temperature refrigerated cabinets “Missouri M LT” are realized in temperature versions: - 9...-13 °С,  -18...-13 °С, -20...-18 °С for different groups of frozen products.

For the sale of soft ice-cream is offered variant of refrigerated cabinet Missouri M LT, what provides installation of specific gastronomic containers.

The level of loading of products in low – temperature refrigerated cabinets Missouri M LT is comparable to medium-temperature versions of cabinets. This makes placing of the products effective and visually as accessible as possible. For this is used high glazing with heated glazed windows, which also guarantees the absence of sweating.

Refrigerated cabinets are produced in two versions of glazing: with traditional high glazing, and “self” variant.

“Missouri M LT” can be grouped in line with other modifications of model line Missouri.

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