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Roasting ovens

Roasting ovens

Roasting oven is designed for stewing, drying, roasting, baking of meat, fish, baking of bakery.
Roasting ovens are multi-purpose equipment, as they allow performing heat treatment in an extremely wide range of temperatures in various time intervals. As a result these ovens are widely used in food industry. Basically, as it can be found out from its description, main elements of the roasting oven are oven chamber and heating element / The roasting oven can be equipped with one, two, or more chambers.
Main features: 

 - Easily dismountable sealing;
- Modern design;
- Modular structure;
- Face plates made of stainless steel;
- The oven thermal insulation made of “Fair Slab” mineral wool (600°С);
- Burners heating level discrete adjustment;
- Even heating of all inner space using tubular electric heaters;
- Every oven chamber backlighting;
- The face plate has switches and thermal regulator for maintaining set temperature of the oven;
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