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Coppers the gas parapet "PARAPET ST 7-10-12"

Coppers the gas parapet "PARAPET ST 7-10-12"

Water-heating gas boilers KV-HLST-7(AOGV) ÷ KV-HLST-12(AOGV) Parapet are energy efficient gas boilers for systems with forced circulation of heat transfer agent. These are equipped with heat exchanger of latest generation made of steel.
Main features:
- Power 7, 10, 12 kW;
- Performance rate 92 %;
- Corrosion-resistant treatment for all surfaces of the boiler heat exchanger and high-quality powder coating;
- Piezoelectric lighter of ignition burner;
- Thermostatic regulator of main burner gas supply pressure;
- Stay operable in case of gas pressure change in system from 5 up to 20 mbar;
-  Heat transfer agent supply either from right, or from left side;
- The boilers are equipped with efficient wind protection;
- High reliability and operational safety due to protective electronic devices manufactured by EUROSIT;
- Slot microtorch burner manufactured by POLIDORO A.s.p.a. using laser technologies;
- Easily serviced due to original design of the boiler;
- Small size;
- Original design;
- Ideal price/efficiency/quality ratio;
- 3 years warranty.
Main advantages:
- Long operation life of the heat exchangers and turbulizers due to utilization of high-quality steel and corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant coating;
- Increased surface of heat exchange;
- Gas saving due to quick heating of the working medium;
- Convenient connection of the boiler to waste-heat flue;
- Increased performance rate;
- Size and weight allow fitting the boiler into any space.
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