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Crane air conditioners

Crane air conditioners

Air-cooled crane air conditioners of KT-H, KTR-Htype are designed for maintaining set temperature and air purification in an overhead crane driver-s cab or in any other room at ambient temperature ranging from +20°С to +90°С in different climatic conditions. The conditioners are manufactured in both monoblock and split versions.
Parts manufactured by leaders in refrigerating equipment industry (Bock, Danfoss, Bristol, Maneurop, L’unitehermetiqueetc.) are used in production of the conditioners.
The conditioner includes: compressor; condenser; Freon filter; air cooler; receiver; air filter; blowing unit; valves; protective and controlling devices; control board; remote control unit; sensor unit.
Use of the heat exchangers with increased fin interval and blower motors of hermetic version with increased pressure eliminates probability of interfin space clogging and compressor failure due to increase of condensation pressure. Each item meets the requirements of specification, undergoes laboratory tests and has a certificate of compliance with GOST and TU including a Testing Report, which forms a corresponding Section in the conditioner’s registration certificate. Use of up-to-date refrigerants: R404, R407, R142, and R134, taking into consideration all aforementioned, guarantees fail-free operation of the KT-H и KA-H conditioners at ambient temperatures up to +90°С under presence of vibrations and dust, and to increase warranty period up to 24 months.
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