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Multipurpose furnace "five sevens"

Multipurpose furnace "five sevens"

The oven is designed for thermal treatment of food products from meat, fish, fowl and vegetables (tomatoes, pepper, egg-apples etc.) with use of charcoal.
 Over with similar set of functions embodies possibilities, based on centuries-old experience of different nations in the field of frying and baking of food products.
Unique character of this oven is represented by the fact that combining incompatible natural powers, namely water and fire, we can prepare environmentally sound, tasty and healthy food.
The main advantages of oven "Picnic Five sevenths" that favorably distinguish it from analogues are as follows:
- Even heating of entire volume that is achieved due to combing of energy of infrared irradiation , water vapor and also design features that allow adjusting heat exchanging processes;
- Possibility for preparing food in dish ;
-Multiple functional opportunities due to extended complete set ( fish grid, barbecue grid , support with meat skewers , food container for frying and baking ).
Above-listed benefits of oven improve quality of prepared food product, reduce cooking time, retain bioavailability of food product, reduce weight loss by 20% in comparison with analogues and prevent toxic and cancer-producing substances that are accumulated in case of use of the other cooking methods, where contact of food with fire can't be prevented.
This oven doesn't require connection to energy sources (gas and power supply lines), uses charcoal or molded coal as a fuel and is convenient in service. Dishes, cooked in oven, are characterized by delicacy of taste and unique aroma range. Mobility of oven allows us to have comfortable and nice time with family and friends at summer home or country house. Wherever you are , you can take this oven with you. In spite of easy and tasty cooking this oven also allows gathering friends and relatives, colleagues and like-minded persons to present pleasant minutes of communication, recollections, jolly and laugh and sometimes makes us think about the way things are.
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