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Baklers electric heat ovens

Baklers electric heat ovens

Bakers’ electric heat ovens are designed for baking of bakery and confectionary, as well as for cooking of meat, fish, vegetables and other food products at public catering outlets and community services.
Main features:

 - Modern design;
- Modular structure;
- Vapor moisturizing;
- Face plates made of stainless steel;
- The oven thermal insulation made of “Fair Slab” mineral wool (600°С);
- Temperature discrete adjustment;
- Even heating of all inner space using tubular electric heaters;
- Every oven chamber backlighting;
- The face plate has switches and thermal regulator for maintaining set temperature of the oven;
- Each chamber has 2 baking trays;
- Easily dismountable sealing.

- Side panels and top surface are made of stainless steel;
- It is possible to increase height (forETShp-2NandETShp-2G).
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