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Shop decoration

Development, designing and assembling of any trade outlet with characteristic features and attributes related to the nature and origination of the goods sold in them –food, confectionary, winery, tea, fruit and greengrocery shops, markets, fish and seafood shops, sport nutrition shops, restaurants, coffee-houses, fresh barsand elite pharmacies.

Shop decoration
Furnishing of the freezing equipment and premise interior in any of the following ethnic styles: Ukrainian, Moroccan, Indian, Scandinavian, Japanese, Chinese, European etc. Also furnishing can be performed in the following styles: Provence, chalet, country, classical, high-tech.

“Missouri” chameleon art display case is designed specifically for food stores and markets located in elite districts and resident areas.

SMART backlighting system can change basement color, designed in an outstanding manner. Hydraulic lifting system holds treated glass in any position. The structure’s characteristic feature is flat surface and straight line design, minimizing the “mirror” effect and focusing the customer’s attention on the products displayed.
Increased placement depth.Corner elements can have sharp or smooth angles, thus adding recognized style to the trade room.
The display cases of this type are manufactured in the following modifications: medium temperature (RMTDC/RMTDC(D)), multi-purpose MDRMTDC , low-temperature (RLTC),medium temperature corner-type (RMTDC (D) External corner, RMTDC Internal corner), fish (RMTDC (fish)) ones.
Type of cooling: static, dynamic.
The display cases of this type are manufactured in the following standard size modules: 1200 mm; 1400 mm; 1800 mm; 2400 mm; 3000 mm; 3600 mm; (the dimensions are specified without sidewalls width). Optionally the dimensions can be altered in order to fit a specific design.
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