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About us

SPE "Tehnoholod" specializes in the manufacture of commercial refrigeration, shelving and thermal equipment for supermarkets and catering. The foundation of the company "Tehnoholod" was laid in the early 90s in the city of Kharkov, and in 1997 established the Scientific Production Enterprise "Tehnoholod", in 2000 -TM "Tehnoholod." By 2005, the company has become one of the leading manufacturers of commercial refrigeration equipment in Ukraine. Since 2011 actively exports its products to the markets of Russia, other CIS countries and Georgia.

Today "Tehnoholod " company has developed universal closed production complex that allows quick , flexible and precise solution of different tasks.
Metal working manufacture that includes revolver punching machines Finn-Power C5 (Finland), metal laser cutter PRIMA Platino1530 (Italy), bar folders Trumpf Trumabend (Germany), Schroder (Germany), Darley (Holland).
 Automated power painting package that allows production of polymer coatings with high protective and decorative properties.
Vacuum forming and PU foam molding departments on the basis of high pressure vacuum forming and molding machines CANNON (Italy)
Glass parts are processed at the area, equipped with programmable machine PRIMA DENVER (Italy).
Fully-equipped area for processing of laminated chip plates and manufacturing of decorative parts from MDF.
Final assembly of products takes place in new workshop that is built in accordance with conveyor type and meets all norms of modern production.
Every year we supplement our process equipment stock with new items from leading manufactures. On December 2013 and January 2014 our stock of punching hydraulic presses was supplemented with modern servo-electric punching press Prima Power E5x that combines increased speed of metal handling and lower energy consumption within the program of development and increase of production capacity.
Metal working area was also supplemented with plasma arc cutting machine on December. This machine allows cutting of metals of maximum thickness with high accuracy.
Additional sheet bending press was commissioned in January , 2014.
Rack section cutting area was reconstructed . PU foam molding area was equipped with one more molding machine CANNON (Italy).
The company has staff of qualified specialists and all necessary services in its structure: design-engineering department, bureau of "science and heating equipment", test laboratory, design bureau, service and quality department etc.
This allows us to create modern and reliable equipment.
High quality of manufactured products is quarantined by multi-stage system for quality control at all stages of production cycle and testing of finished products.
The company has been certified in the International Quality Management System ISO 9001 (BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION) since 2007.
Control of conformity of the company to international standards is confirmed annually upon carrying out of international audits by international experts. All issued products of TM "Tehnoholod " is certified in Ukrainian system UkrSEPO and has conclusions of Epidemiologic Service of Ukraine. Our suppliers of components and materials are leaders in their fields.
Own production sites and equipment, modern production technologies, direct supplies of materials and components reduce cost price of the products.
A wide range of representative offices, service centers (Ukraine) and own fleet of vehicles ensures sale, delivery, mounting, warranty and after-sale maintenance in any region of Ukraine.
Research and Development Company "Tehnoholod" is prize winner of rating "The Best Companies of Ukraine" , winner of all-national competition "The Highest Grade" , has certificates of different exhibitions and is rewarded a medal "The Highest Grade".
Annual participation in the international exhibitions gives us an opportunity for representing out benefits to wide audience.
 We have no doubt's that you have made a right choice!!!

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