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Refrigerated display cabinet - Missouri meat

Specialized static refrigerated freezer cases “Missourі meat” are designed for the sale of fresh meat in delicatessen boutiques and premium class supermarkets. Special static cooling system, consisting of a freezer over the display and a thermally insulated freezer in the tray prevents skinning and weight losses when displaying and selling fresh meat.

  Energy efficiency  

- Special freezer with reduced hydraulic resistance.
- Automatic condensate evaporation.
- Energy-saving sliding blinds.
- Side panels – glass unit of hardened glass with silk-screen decoration.

- Inclined display section for better demonstration of meat products.
- Ease of displaying and maintenance due to lifting front hardened glass on gas lifts.
- Easily-removable grill for ease of maintenance.
- Blowing system for the front glass, preventing condensation.
- LED lighting of displayed products.
  Extended operation 

- Load-bearing welded structures undergo additional zinc plating after the manufacture.
- A display section is made of stainless steel.
- Elements of “Missouri meat” product line cases are made of galvanized steel in order to ensure reliable corrosion protection and significantly extend the life of the product.
- Thickness of the materials used:
- load-bearing elements 2.5-3 mm;
- urethane-foam body 60 mm,
- density 40 kg/m.
- Additional protection is provided by powder and polymer coating.
PVHSn "Missouri meat"

Standard configuration:

- automatic condensate evaporation;
- fixing the glass by using gas lifts;
- intelligent temperature and defrosting control system;
- LED lighting of displayed products;
- front glass blowing preventing condensation of moisture;
- energy-saving sliding blinds;
- cooling surface of the display section.

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